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The New Quality Inspector: Take Control of Your Product Images

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Review and approve your product images in seconds!

Consistent category pages and professional product images can improve your customers’ shopping experiences and reduce your bounce rate. Here at Pixelz, we have devised a way to offer you precisely that by helping you to quickly polish your eCommerce images through our new and improved Quality Inspector.

The Quality Inspector is a useful tool for evaluating images once they have been processed by Pixelz’s expert editing team. The new Quality Inspector is poised to save you time by offering new features aimed at elevating your workflow efficiency to a higher level. Thanks to our most recent upgrade, the following features are now available:

New Features:

  • Verify image alignment with one click NEW!
  • Check product size in one click NEW!
  • Zoom in to inspect image details NEW!
  • Drag and drop to customize category page settings NEW!

Classic Features

  • See before and after versions of your images
  • Reject images online with call-outs and comment boxes
  • Approve images online

Now that you’re familiar with our Quality Inspector’s newest features, we would like to give you a quick tutorial — or in some of your cases, a quick refresher course — explaining how to optimize your online store workflow with some of our tried-and-true functions in five easy steps.

Step 1.

Log in to your online Pixelz account. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the “Orders” section and select the order containing the images you would like to check with the Quality Inspector.

Step 2.

Click on the Quality Inspector button.

Step 3. Approve or reject your images.

Click on the image thumbnails to maximize their size. Click on the red “sad face” button to reject them.

Step 4. Reject images online with call-outs and comment boxes.

Use the error marker and text box to illustrate which area(s) of each rejected image need improvements. Be as descriptive as possible regarding the changes you would like. Click the red “Reject Image” button when you are finished. Your image should be ready with the indicated adjustments in less than 24 hours!

Select Quality Inspector tool

Step 5. See before and after views.

Another great feature is the ability for clients to be able to access both versions of each product image: the original image received with the order as well as the updated image provided by Pixelz’s editing team.

To access this feature, navigate to the main order menu and find the order containing the photos you’d like to compare. Click the “Before / After” button next to the “Quality Inspector” button. A new window will then appear showcasing both versions of the product image side-by-side.

After having familiarized yourself with the classic features included in our Quality Inspector panel, you’re now ready to give our new features a try.

Feature #1: Verify image alignment with one click.

In the Quality Inspector panel, you will see 3 buttons on the top-left corner directly above your product images.

In the Quality Inspector panel, you will see 3 buttons on the top-left corner directly above your product images.

Quality Inspector button

Click the second button to check the horizontal alignment.

Quality Inspector button

If you would like to check vertical and horizontal alignment simultaneously, simply click on both of these buttons.

Quality Inspector button

Feature #2: Check image sizing in one click

We have also updated our Quality Inspector with a tool you can use to confirm your product images have been sized properly. This can be done by clicking the third button.

Quality Inspector button

Feature #3: Zoom in to inspect image details.

Check each image’s details by selecting this tool. This will help you to avoid last-minute editing.

This tool can be accessed by clicking on the menu button for the specific image within the Quality Inspector and then clicking on “Zoom” :

Size Overlays

You would then click on the “+” button on the top-right to zoom in on the image.

Feature #4: Drag n’ drop rearrange feature to customize category page settings.

Use this new tool when customizing category page settings. You can change the thumbnails position by just dragging and dropping them accordingly to any preference you consider can improve the look of your category page layout like brand, color, style, etc.

With this option you can adjust thumbnails to be large or small in an attempt to simulate the same layout on your webpage.

Optimize your eCommerce workflow and improve your customers’ shopping experience today by utilizing the new Quality Inspector tool from Pixelz. Becoming an efficient e-retailer and getting high quality product images has never been this fast or easy!